Men Soccer Shoes – Polyurethane Coating/PU Upper, Polyester Fiber Lining, EVA Sole


Protective heel design provides secure foot protection
Excellent ball grip and ground control
Soft resin material studs for durability and cushioning
Anatomical design fits like a glove and moves quickly
Comfortable and breathable interior, soft moisture, breathable and easy to dry, make you feel comfortable in sports

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This product is made with a polyurethane coating that provides a durable and long-lasting fabric. The lining is made of polyester fiber, offering a soft and comfortable feel. The upper material is also made of PU, ensuring a stylish and modern look. The sole is made of EVA, providing excellent cushioning and flexibility. The insole material is fabric, adding an extra layer of comfort to your feet.

– Polyurethane coating for durability
– Polyester fiber lining for a soft and comfortable feel
– PU upper material for a stylish and modern look
– EVA sole material for excellent cushioning and flexibility
– Fabric insole material for added comfort

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